Workshops, trainings, classes & presentations


These Retreat-Workshops, Seminars & Presentations are either purely based on the Crystal Clear Energy Balancing Concept or given as a Workshop combination with other various Energy & Bodywork modalities. The Crystal Clear Energy Balancing Training is likewise available to exclusive Spas wishing to introduce this exceptional & unique concept into their therapy programme.

Crystal Clear Energy Balancing Therapy has been developed for all those wishing to deepen their understanding of our energetic potential to create physical health and emotional & spiritual balance. Also designed for therapists / practitioners who are seeking instruction, the expansion of their own Energy work or who are inspired to combine their field of expertise into an integrated workshop with this concept.

Duration: ~ Workshops & Trainings 1 – 7 days & Presentations 2 hours.

Integrating the 4 components of Crystal Clear into our daily lives we learn to create a harmonious energy field ~ the basic foundation to vital health & wellbeing.

  • Understanding the way Energy moves & how to correct imbalances in the Overall, Meridian, Chakra and Aura flows. This harmonises the basic energetic flow creating a stable structural template for the body.
  • Nutritional Awareness – Food either nourishes or depletes the body’s energy field. Learn how to energetically choose the correct food to sustain vibrant health.
  • Experience how different emotional states affect the body, mind & spirit. Learn how to release disharmony.
  • How the Joy of Movement assists us in listening to and learning to be “in” the body, helping us to connect to our inner wisdom in order to achieve balance in our physical & emotional health.
  • Learn a simple daily energy-frequency exercise routine to realign your energy field and create harmony and balance.
  • The use of certain theories of Quantum Physics & ancient Healing traditions to create health & abundance on all levels.